Salon Hosts Its Annual Diabetic Awareness Events

For Immediate release: Contact: Mrs.Cade
For Immediate release: Contact: Mrs. Cade 904-487—9254

Salon Hosts Its Annual Diabetic Awareness Events
Jacksonville, (Fl.) November is Diabetes Awareness Month; Ooh La La GA LA CAR Boutique Salon owner Gail Cade who has diabetes will Cade will be holding a free Diabetic Devahs…Healthy Meal Planning Workshop on Monday, November 3, 2014 at 6pm, 2640 Cesery Blvd., Suite 11. It will be hosted by Diabetes American Diabetes Association Representative. This will be the first of series of the community outreach health and beauty events to raise public awareness about the disease Diabetes and raise funds for research.

This Healthy Meal Planning Workshop event is totally free and will not charge your insurance. Healthy meal planning is important as we approach the seasons when we may eat the most. The problem is that everywhere we look there may be convenient but extremely unhealthy food around. One of the most critical components of diabetes management is proper portions and nutrition. Food the very thing you need for survival can also work against you and cause complications that can be deadly. It is important to know which tasty fruits, vegetables, grains and meat can be enjoyed and combined for proper nutrition. Obtaining, maintaining low blood glucose levels are the goals to avoid numerous complications associated with high glucose levels.

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disease that afflicts 1 in 7 Americans. Approximately 86 million people in the United States have pre-diabetes. While most cases of diabetes can be controlled through medical intervention and lifestyle changes, some individuals with diabetes have a difficult time controlling their condition. When diabetes goes uncontrolled, an individual may experience a variety of medical complications that can seriously impair their ability to function normally – See more at: and

Mrs. Cade, a Diabetic Devah knows the effects of it first hand. She takes insulin due to the complication from lupus. Like so many other diabetics obtaining and maintain low glucose levels is a challenge for her. The Diabetic Devahs Group was formed because it is always easier to accomplish goals with supporters.

One of the Diabetic Devahs goals is to make it easier to focus and obtain healthy eating goals through this most festive time of the year. The mission of the Diabetic Devahs is to improve health by increasing weight loss to reduce health problems related to diabetes progressively focusing on healthy eating, maintaining appearance, exercising and weight loss rewards. The salon provides relaxing atmosphere where the Diabetic Devahs, stylish women with diabetes bring together people facing similar issues, provide diabetes resourceful education, give and receive both emotional, practical supportive tips. They take a personal interest in maintaining health, beauty, always looking for ways for improvement, and to encourage others.

Mrs. Cade hopes to share the Diabetic Devahs mission and to collaborate with other businesses in the community to increase the weight loss incentives for diabetics. Diabetic Devahs t-shirts will be made available in-store and online at for further research.

For more information of upcoming health, beauty and fundraising events , please contact: Mrs. Cade or /events.htm GA LA – CAR Boutique Salon 2640 Cesery Blvd., Suite 11, Jacksonville, Fl 32211 904-487—9254 –,


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