Prom time is here.  Prom preparation is important because this will be a day to remember.  High school seniors, one of your fondest memories should be how beautiful you looked from head to toe at this event  GA LA CAR, The One Stop for Beauty is a place where ladies can get beauty services in-salon and fashions online.  GA LA CAR offers community outreach activities to support schools and health awareness.  There are two workshops to help high school seniors ladies get prepared for prom.  Prep for Prom Dress Workshop and Prep for Prom Makeover Workshop were created with young ladies in mind.  The atmosphere allows you to feel free to ask questions, discover, enhance and learn how to pick that fabulous prom dress and makeover style.


The ideal shape is a hour glass. You will learn your shape style at the workshop. Although we all wish we had the “ideal” shape unfortunately some of us do not. Whether we are heavier on top, heavier on the bottom, in the middle or smaller in those areas, we want to make our shape look as close to the ideal shape style as possible. At GA LA CAR Prep for Prom Dress Workshop you can learn how to balance your shape to achieve the appearance of a hour glass. The younger you learn the sooner you can look and feel your best for any occasion.

In the event you require a change or alterations, it is important to look for a grown at least 4-6 weeks before your prom.  If you are going to purchase a dress online it is important you know your measurements.  Accurate measurements are gong to be crucial especially if you are going to order online to avoid returns, exchanges or extra expenses.  If you have the tendency to gain weight it is going to be equally important that you measure with the allowance of a little room or consider a body shaper.

There are many styles of body shapers for all many sizes, styles and forms. If you have more of a tummy than you like to a high waist or short waist body shaper may be for you. You may want an invisible waist cincher as it is thin, becomes invisible under your garment. Long body shapers are available in braless or full body to provide that all over slimming appearance. If you choose a halter or strapless gown a strapless or push up bra can be what you need.  These are just a few of the body shapers styles that are available.  There are many more styles that can accommodate what you are trying to achieve.

Do you know which colors will make you appear smaller or larger?  Some gowns have embellishment on the on them.  Will embellishment be appropriate for your shape?  There are many prom dress styles such as long, short, embellish, flowing, scoop neck, sweetheart, sheath column, a line, ball room, off the shoulder, mermaid etc. Which style would you choose and why?  Budget is important when you are shopping for a prom dress.  Is your dream dress available within your budget range? If it isn’t what will be your alternative?

When you choose a prom dress, do you know which colors are truly complimentary to your hair and skin tone?  If you are a cool colored or warm colored person there are colors that when worn against your skin tone can make a difference in your appearance. Colors should highlight and contrast the appropriately for the best appeal.

These are just some of the topics that are going to covered at a GA LA CAR Prep for Prom Dress Workshop.  School guidelines are introduced to provide a measure of guidance for selecting a gown. The GA LA CAR Prep for Prom Makeover Workshop is where  you will discover hair, makeup and nail colors and styles that can compliment your prom attire.  The workshops can come to your school, home or you may attend one at GA LA CAR Beauty Salon location.  In-salon workshops and schools are free. Fees or donation may apply to support student activities.  For information you may call 904-487-9254, visit or 2640 Cesery Blvd.  (credentials upon request)




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